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Over the last quarter century we have been responsible for the restoration and recreation of 7 major antique buildings as well as aircraft and automobiles.

The flagship, Arundel Mansions ( has regained its prestige and now offers suites, suitable for judges, which are furnished and serviced as they were in the 20's ( the suites that is, not the judges! ). Our most recent addition is a turn of the century restaurant , a la Chow, which may be had by the day.

What should interest the prospective user is the fact that this is offered as a suite, and a person can do what it likes in his own suite. L'Epayrie - Rent-A-Restaurant (, the 'suite' very closely resembles a turn of the century European restaurant, the sort of place that Greenstreet may have frequented. The tone and ambiance is up to the taker. There is a bar, televisions dangling in the corner and enough stuff to recreate everything from Casablanca to 'the restaurant at the end of the Universe'.

If you wish to continue your visit to the past century take a suite upstairs in Arundel Mansion, make sure that you have kept a measure of champagne for breakfast or otherwise if you want to leap into the 60's with shag carpet and all the other parphernalia of the Beatles era do a sort of Malcolm Lowry and take a trip to Rosedale Manor (

Between all these things you can warp time till your brain hurts.

Don't forgot to bring suitable scuffed up novels.


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Your hosts,

Myrna and Glynn Ball

Myrna and Glynn Ball

Arundel Mansion
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New Westminster BC

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